View your data anywhere, from any device* using AgFiniti Map View. Export your data from your Turf Geeks  desktop software and then view your applications, maps, reports and more.  Utilize your favorite mobile device  whether it's an iPad, Window's tablet,  Android tablet,  laptop or smartphone. Now your data is more mobile than  ever! 

 Turf Geeks software  was designed to provide more sophisticated tools to help manage and understand the many different variables of turf  growth.

 Accumulating Precision Turf Management data, while using  Turf Geeks SMS software, allows you to base decisions for fertilizing, spraying and irrigation  applications. This information is critical for making good management decisions for better turf. It also allows you to be environmentally friendly.

 Turf Geeks software has an abundance of print layouts at  your fingertips, allowing you to make the right report ! 

   Customized Reporting 

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 An easy-to-read format gives a unique chronological  view of all hole activities. This allows for better  understanding of how timing of course work impacts  turf quality. View activities by day, week or month.

 Calendars can be printed, filtered and custom  grouped for different viewing preferences.    

  ​Dataset Playback

 Create a correlation matrix for selected operation  to measure if attributes have strong or negative  correlation to one another. Example: to much or to little    irrigation and when to apply timely fungicides or nitrogen  applications. The statistical data allows you to make good  Turf Management decisions with precision.  

  Generate Ndvi Dataset

    ​Equation Writing

 ​3D grids are generated based on imported elevation

 data and can be regenerated using specific operational  data.

 The generated 3D  grid can be used to display layers  such as tree shadowing, water flow, tile placement and  pin placement. 

 Turf Geeks software allows the input of  OptRx data to generate index of turf health/vigor dataset which indicates the health or stress  of vegetation.  ​

 Turf Geeks software builds equations to generate a new dataset, based  on mapped layers - such as soil test results,  OptRx data  layers,  fertilizer applications and even irrigation applications.   

  ​Wirelessly  Send and Receive Data

     Calendar View

 View an animation of operations pass-by-pass. Watch an instant  replay of how an operation was logged on the course.  Slow  down,  speed up, and pause or skip during replay of the event. Also, actual  time attribute values for the operation will be displayed during  replay,  (e.g.,speed,rate,elevation,etc.).

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       3D View