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   Total Liquid Application Control

                          *  Reduce over applications and save on input and costs

                          *  Our patent pending technology --  Individual tip control

​                          *  Using DirectCommand gives you accuracy like no other

 Use DirectCommand for liquid application to eliminate over application,  overlap, spray drift and application gaps that increase input cost and  any product  waste by automatically turning the individual tip on/off  based on  boundaries and already-applied areas.

            DirectCommand  Application                          Management   * Smart Report *

 Smart Report - exporting and  auto-  generation of reports, a feature  specific to Integra display. 

 With this functionality, a user can  define and generate information

​ such as :

  • Enter your weather conditions
  • Select your product   
  • Record  application operation for  regulatory record keeping -   Treatment Restriction, EPA , Manufacturer, Application Method, etc.
  • Memos   ( notes of new product testing, new tip test, etc. )     

                     DirectCommand                                      Variable Rate Applications

 DirectCommand allows the variable rate application of single or  multiple products. The system controls application rates of  liquid or granular products automatically based on geo-  referenced prescription maps.

 Both shape and  SMS .irx files are supported for single or  multiple product variable rate applications.

                      DirectCommand                                      ISOBUS Liquid Control Module

 Compatible with ISOBUS standards for Virtual Terminal and Task  Control . This functionality allows using the system with other  brands of Virtual Terminal and Task Control  compatible displays.

  • Easy to use structured methods to calibrate the flow, pressure and ground speed sensors that are critical  to accurate system performance.
  • Supports up to 24 boom sections for less overlap of product​ application
  • Continuously monitors the relationship between product flow rated and system pressure. This permits early detection  and warning in event of a sensor failing or drifting off previously calibrated baseline.
  • Setting to automate boom prime and maintain a standby pressure to ensure accurate product flow rates. 

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