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 With the remote technical services feature, your system can be accessed from any loction and the problem                                               can be diagnosed and corrected in real time for maximum efficiency.  

               Remote ​Technical Service

      Get help in real-time right in the field.

 Supports  RTK, GLONASS,  WAAS/EGNOS, OmniStar      and XP/HP. 

 Built-in cell modem access CORS and RTK networks easily. 

 Base Station  with Relay 400 or Relay 900 rover functionality.

   Multiple GPS  Correction Signals

 Turf Geeks offers the Steer Command.  It's best in class of its own with full - featured    steering,  sub-inch pass-to-pass accuracy and year to year  repeatability.   Repeatability  on greens, tees and  fairways is a must for precision application - operations of any   kind.

     Sub-Inch High Accuracy 

                                                                      Not all auto steering systems are created equal.

                        Turf Geeks Steer Command is the right choice if your needs requires high accuracy. 

                                                           No matter the machines  color.

Nutec Soil,Inc. Precision Turf  Management  Automated Steering System

 ​From the simplest guidance pattern to the most complex,  Steer Command supports them all. 

  Advanced Guidance Patterns